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Kiln Control Services

Client Kiln Control Services

Project Prestige brochure and CMS based corporate web site.

As a UK based, family run, independent company, KCS not only service and maintain
all types and makes of kiln, furnace, dryer and related equipment but also design,
manufacture and install all types and sizes of kilns to meet customer requirements - both in the UK and internationally.
Recommended by another of Oyster's clients, Oyster worked with KCS to develop their
corporate identity, to produce a corporate brochure that could be used with international
clients, and to develop a new web site for the company.
Featuring a strong flame image that reflects the logo, Oyster developed an impactful styling for both brochure and web site. The web site was developed as a Content Management System
(CMS) to enable KCS staff to easily update and amend content.